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Football PlayBook Online


Designing your play

Create a play

To create new play, click the "New Play" button. NOTE: clicking this will lose any unsaved changes to the current play.

Use templates

Choose your offensive and/or defensive template and click continue.

Get more templates

The free version provides 2 offensive and 2 defensive templates. The premium membership has 9 offensive and 9 defensive templates.

Draw a new player

Click on the button for the shape you would like to use (X or O) and click on the desired location.

Draw a new line

Click on the line button, click on where you would like the line to start and drag to the end point.

Move a player/line

Click on the shape and drag to the appropriate spot. If you are currently using the player or line tool, click on the select button first.

Change a player's color, shape, or label?
Premium Only

Right click on the player and choose "Properties"

Change a line's color, shape, or arrow
Premium Only

Right click on the line and choose "Properties"

Delete a player/line

Right click on the shape and choose "Delete"

Name the play and provide a description

Click play info, update the information and click save

Line up players

Choose Snap to Grid

Print play
Premium Only

Plays can be printed from the Playbook.

Playbook Premium Only

Remove play

Select play(s) (using ctrl+click allows multiple selections), click "Play", then click "Delete". Confirm the deletion. NOTE: This will permanently delete the play and cannot be undone.

Edit Play

Select play, click "Play", then click "Edit"

Copy play

Select play, click "Play", then click "Duplicate". This will make an exact copy of the play.

Update play name and description

Select play, update the Name and/or Description fields. Click "Update".

Print individual/selected plays

Select play(s) (using ctrl+click allows multiple selections), click "Print to PDF", click "Selected Plays". Choose number of plays to be displayed on each page.

Print all plays

Click "Print to PDF", click "All Plays". Choose number of plays to be displayed on each page.

Trouble shooting. Some common issues

Design and Playbook are not showing

Firefox has recently stopped supporting Adobe Flash, a key component of our product. We are working to resolve this. Until that occurs, you can still access all functionality using another browser such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Internet Explorer

I am using a MAC and do not have right click

Double click will also bring up the player/line properties dialog.

Plays are not adding to the playbook

  1. Make sure you have a premium subscription
  2. FPO opens a new page on save, check that your popup blockers are not preventing this.

I signed up for a premium subscription, but I don"t see it.

  1. Log out of the system
  2. Close your browser
  3. Reopen your browser
  4. Log in to the system.

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